GeneralBenefits of IT Outsourcing

IT leaders like yourself are pivoting increasingly to a managed IT model of services, a trend that’s reflected in the steady growth of the global MSP industry over the last few years. And the trend is not limited to any particular type of organization or industry; SMEs and enterprises alike have discovered value in the benefits of IT outsourcing.

It’s vital for you to weigh the pros and cons of IT outsourcing (and working with IT services companies). We’ve written about MSP red flags previously and you can read that article here.

Here, we’ll explore how managed IT service providers can deliver terrific value and help you gain a competitive edge.


Top 7 Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services


1. Availability

Probably the most beneficial aspect of outsourcing your information technology. Any reputable IT firm will offer 24/7 support plans as well as a dedicated team available to help at a moment’s notice.

Look for uptime guarantees and response time commitments in the SLO, before outsourcing your IT support needs.


2. Operating Cost Savings

Most companies looking at IT outsourcing pros and cons aren’t sure if the benefits outweigh the costs. However, if you’re working with a reputable IT company, you’ll most likely find that you’re saving money having experts take control of your IT.

With the average tech salary in the U.S. topping $152,000 right now, outsourcing IT has never been an easier business case to make (and that’s before you factor in the HR costs of hiring and onboarding employees).


3. A More Efficient Core Business Setup

If you’ve been working with an outdated in-house IT solution, you may not be working as efficiently as you could. Prior to set up, your IT professional will take a look at what you’ve been working with and make sure your new system addresses any inefficiencies allowing you to work smarter.

Capabilities like software development, which you lack in-house, can yield surprising competitive advantages.


4. Support and Focus on Core Business Goals

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services

When initially talking to your team, you should lay out your business focus and any goals you’ve set. Your IT team now has those goals in mind when keeping an eye out for new technologies that may help get you there faster.


5. Identify and Implement the Latest Technologies

A good service provider knows all about the newest hardware and software. They can quickly procure new equipment and software to help your business run more efficiently and leverage the latest technologies.

For instance, our hands-on project management team ensures IT initiatives come to fruition (instead of sitting on your desk or desktop for months), and hit performance and budgetary targets..


6. Not Just Autopilot, Intelligent Autopilot

This one is self explanatory, but it’s a big advantage of IT outsourcing. Utilizing a team of experts to run your IT allows you to focus on other parts of your business thereby growing it. So make sure to choose the right IT partner.


7. Protect Business Functions and Data

Cybersecurity remains one of the greatest challenges for business owners and managers; a recent survey reveals over two-thirds of technology leaders consider the threat of cyberattack is growing.

The benefits of outsourcing IT services include gaining access to the extensive knowledge base of security experts, market intelligence, and awareness of upcoming threats.


Learn More About the Advantages of IT Outsourcing


IT’s a Partnership, Not Just a Set of Services

Cookie-cutter SLAs and expectations of “plug-and-play” performance, they’re like the sand traps that can turn an easy eagle into a double-bogey. If you’re to realize the full potential of outsourced IT services, you need a partner that can demonstrate it understands your business rather than talk technology.

Customer testimonials are an essential proof point, so make reference checks a top priority in your vetting process.

Another trap is claims of customized services and promises of “pay only for the services you need.” They make for a great sales pitch but it’s another thing translating sales-speak into value-laden contracts.

Be upfront during the evaluation stage to understand what “flexible services” will look like and discover any hidden costs. The last you think want is to duplicate capabilities the in-house IT team already provides or face unexpected invoices at the end of the month.

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