Behind The Scenes At Arctic Wolf With Sam McLane, CTO

Behind the scenes at Arctic Wolf with Sam McLane, CTO

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers offer a wide range of services. Some may be right for your business, but some may not. How do you choose the right MDR provider?

Accudata’s Solution Architect team provides design and architecture services for many different solutions, from data center migrations to deploying contact centers. One solution we’ve seen across the board that’s been attractive to our customers is MDR. A few weeks ago, we reviewed what is compelling in this space. In this webinar, we’ll showcase one of our favorites, Arctic Wolf.

Accudata’s Cybersecurity Practice Manager Charles Johnson and Managed Services Practice Manager Mark Holdsworth sit down and talk with Arctic Wolf CTO Sam McLane. They discuss Arctic Wolf, how they’re different, what they do well, and what they’re working on next.