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HOUSTON, TX – August 11, 2020 – Chris Nolen, Accudata cybersecurity solutions architect, has recently earned the highest-ranking pre-sales certification offered by Palo Alto Networks: CYBERFORCE Hero. The CYBERFORCE Hero certification is a feat obtained by only 215 IT professionals worldwide.

CYBERFORCE is Palo Alto Networks’ program for recognizing cyber-savvy employees among its partners. CYBERFORCE consists of highly trained, self-sufficient engineers, instrumental in protecting their clients’ digital ways of life by preventing successful cyberattacks. It is an exclusive program that can be joined by invitation only.

Within the first 2 years of its inception, CYBERFORCE recognized over 1,100 partner engineers from 500 unique partner companies, representing 76 countries. Only about 20% of these engineers have achieved an elite status within CYBERFORCE, and fewer than 15% have attained the rank of Hero.

“Chris’s experience is well respected in our community and by our customers,” said Charles Johnson, cybersecurity practice manager. “I am very proud of Chris. He eagerly took on the challenge and was able to achieve this certification during a downturned economy and pandemic. Chris’s commitment to building on his skill set will result in better customer experiences.”

Palo Alto Networks offers CYBERFORCE members numerous advantages, including early access to training, exam vouchers, opportunities to collaborate on new products and features with product management teams, and invitations to special events and activities. Such benefits allow Chris, and Accudata as a whole, the opportunity to improve service to Accudata’s cybersecurity customers.