Eighty-one percent of CISOs agree that orchestration between products is challenging. Still, more and more teams are overwhelmed with disconnected vendors and products. You can’t detect security threats quickly if your products don’t work together. What if a single platform could bring all your security technologies together seamlessly?


During this 45-minute webinar, our presenters walk through Cisco SecureX, the broadest, most integrated platform that provides the following:

  • Simplicity to integrate technologies instantly for a unified ecosystem
  • Visibility to view threats from a single location and maintain contextual awareness
  • Efficiency to eliminate friction with pre-built workflows and automation



  • Dave Dasch – Director, Security Channels, Americas
  • Seth Judd – Security BDM, Cisco West
  • Daniel Matthews – Technical Security Architect, Cisco West
  • Brian Ingram – Cybersecurity Practice Manage