Healthcare Enterprise Improves Patient Experience With Cloud Contact Center

Healthcare Enterprise Improves Patient Experience with Cloud Contact Center

Case Study Summary

Large healthcare enterprises are looking for ways to improve the patient experience while maintaining budget predictability amid a significant shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Accudata Systems’ customer, a large public healthcare system, needed to provide the public with information on COVID-19 testing in an easy-to-access manner while agents were working remotely. The healthcare organization had an existing on-premises Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) solution, but the quick shift to remote work due to the pandemic meant that agents now needed to be able to answer calls from home. Accudata was engaged to help ease the transition to a cloud-based contact center and provide staff augmentation support of the new solution.


The customer’s existing on-premises UCCE implementation did not include call recording. Dealing with a third party for this feature was challenging, and the customer needed to be able to store 200 GB of recordings every month and retain the recordings for two years to remain HIPAA compliant. The customer also wanted to increase its courtesy call-back and call reporting capabilities, but enabling new features on-premises was difficult and expensive, requiring hardware upgrades and downtime. The COVID-19 pandemic made these needs all the more urgent as the customer sought to fulfill its mission to provide its community with reliable, up-to-date information on testing.


The customer selected Accudata as its partner in this effort due to an existing relationship and Accudata’s extensive experience working with the healthcare industry. Accudata focused on the following principles and products to enable a more feature-rich, scalable, and mobile contact center solution for the customer:

  • Cisco Webex Contact Center: A cloud-based contact center allowed the customer to quickly spin up a testing hotline, as needed, while agents were working remotely.
  • Call recording: Call recording in the cloud means no more worry about storing large amounts of data for years to maintain HIPAA compliance. Plus, the feature is more robust and less expensive in the cloud.
  • Reporting: Tracking agent performance is key to patient satisfaction and loyalty. A cloud-based contact center provides analytics not available on-premises.
  • Integrations: Because it is cloud-based, Webex Contact Center offers integrations with popular software, like EPIC and ServiceNow, and Cisco maintains a store of the apps it provides.
  • Budgeting: With the transition to the cloud comes a move from CapEx to OpEx budgeting. Cloud spend is simply more scalable and more predictable.


After about 100 days, Accudata spun down the testing line once it was no longer needed. The project saved the customer approximately $160,000 that would not have been realized had the solution been on-premises. The customer benefited from an “overnight” solution: Webex Contact Center had what they needed out of the box, scaled quickly, and did not require upgrades or downtime to get the needed capabilities in place.

Today, the public healthcare system is considering moving a variety of business units to the cloud due to the success of the COVID-19 testing line. They are looking to minimize all onsite staff that are non-essential and plan on going mobile with 400+ agents but have various mobility solutions already implemented. Concerns with these solutions over stability and security have led them to reconsider Webex Contact Center, which would require agents only have a PC and a cell phone to work remotely.

For large hospital systems, a cloud-based contact center can address issues many have with various points of interaction with patients, such as appointment setting, ask-a-nurse hotlines, telemedicine, benefits, eligibility, and payments, as well as staff interactions, like Human Resources inquiries. The move to the cloud saved Accudata’s customer money and benefited the community at large.