Encryption Works Both Ways – Is Your Network Protected?

By: Jack Wehman, Technical Editor and Alex Vasquez, Security Solutions Architect

Companies have always tried to watch the data that flows in and out of their networks – because it’s impossible to secure what you can’t see. However, many businesses have turned a blind eye to encrypted traffic. Attackers know this as well, and that is why 51% of attacks in 2016 have been encrypted.

Standard network security appliances are not purpose-built to decrypt SSL network traffic. That’s why it’s used to secure personal information and transactions across the Internet – and why it’s the perfect way to exfiltrate data from an unsuspecting business.

“The threat landscape is very lucrative and constantly evolves,” said Accudata Data Center Practice Manager Thanh Nguyen.

“Companies need to take a proactive approach to SSL in a manner that addresses all of these new attacks – but is deployed in a manner that decreases risk to the environment.”

Assuming your network is secure simply isn’t enough. Hackers know only 20% of businesses have a strategy around SSL decryption. That’s how the Joint Chiefs of Staff was successfully penetrated – hackers used SSL to exfiltrate all the data from their secure email network.

Companies need to reevaluate their security strategies to encompass SSL decryption into every layer of security. There are many solutions that can provide the visibility required to reduce a business’ attack surface; the key is effectively utilizing a company’s existing security solutions.

“Here at Accudata, we try to help our customers maximize their existing investments,” Mr. Nguyen said.

“Technologies have continued to evolve within the security space, and our experts can help you take advantage of all the investments you currently have.”

Accudata’s security strategy revolves around giving businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their attack surface and risk strategy. SSL data exfiltration is a real threat that modern businesses have to deal with.

Don’t be part of the 80% of businesses that have no strategy around SSL decryption.