GDPR is here!

By: Paul Kendall, CGEIT, CISSP, GDPR | Advisory Services Principal Consultant

At midnight, the following lawsuits were filed:

  • Facebook – Filed in Austria
  • Instagram – Filed in Belgium
  • WhatsApp – Filed in Germany
  • Google’s Android – Filed in France

Potential fines for those companies: $9.13 Billion USD. Not to mention the fact that under GDPR, an individual can seek judicial redress either as individuals or in class action suits.

GDPR prohibits bundling – the practice of requiring consent to use a service. Under GDPR, access to services can no longer depend upon whether the user gives consent to use their data. Since this is a huge issue for these litigants, expect an ugly battle. But given the EU’s present animosity towards Facebook, I don’t really expect them to win. After all, Facebook (3 of the four companies listed above) claims its processing model is all about social networking, which doesn’t require that it collect and analyze user data to sell for profit.

Additionally, several US newspapers shut down their newsfeeds to the EU at midnight. Most blamed GDPR indirectly; the real reason is probably they wouldn’t bother to spend the money necessary to become compliant.

These may be the tip of the iceberg. GDPR may well become a major networking disruptor between the EU and the rest of the world.


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