The success of an IT department hinges on innovation, security oversight, and growth. But, with resource and budgetary constraints, it can be difficult for organizations to equip their IT departments to keep the lights on AND innovate. Our strategic services consultants and Managed Services team will integrate with your business model and align all solutions with designated KPIs to achieve success.


you are forced to do more with less, let us help.

Given today’s demands on organizations, both operating expenses and resources are limited. Accudata’s Managed Services are tailored to your specific needs and blend seamlessly into your existing processes and provide optimal value.


align IT strategies with core business objectives

We realize that one of the pillars of a successful technology strategy is aligning IT initiatives with the overall direction of your organization and our IT advisors can help you build your criteria for success.


are your DR and BCP programs working in tandem?

A Business Continuity Plan brings together teams, across every department, who initiate recovery operations for business processes. In tandem, your technology must meet the requirements of the disaster recovery strategy. The two go hand-in-hand.


move with more agility and speed than ever before.

Imagine. What is the most manual process your organization has in place today or think of a customer experience that seems inefficient or antiquated. What if that process could be transformed from manual to automated, from antiquated to advanced, from stagnant to responsive?


imagine fully automated processes and IT orchestration.

8 in 10 companies still use unstructured, manual tools such as email and spreadsheets to drive routine processes. And, 4 in 5 managers say that causes significant delays. Imagine making manual processes fully automated, and technology that is orchestrated through a single pane of glass.

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“I want to write you a note stating how satisfied we have been with Accudata’s services. The consultants have the skills we needed to ensure we progressed and stabilized our environment. They fit well into our organization and worked as members of the team, not outsiders.”


– IT Director, Healthcare Institution