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The Accudata Security & Mobility practice provides solutions to secure data, applications, and infrastructure by architecting comprehensive security solutions across the data center, physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud computing environments.

Accudata has a long history of providing advanced security consulting services and product sales to Fortune 1000 companies. Our 34 years of experience meeting the IT needs of our clients combines best-of-breed security products with professional architecture, integration, and support services to deliver unsurpassed solutions to our security clients.

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The evolution of networks has limited the effectiveness of port and protocol-based classification of traffic for security or bandwidth control. Application and malware developers have built their apps to run on port 80 and 443 and use port-hopping as evasion techniques.

In order to effectively monitor, control and secure internet and internal network traffic, it’s necessary to have visibility into the applications regardless of port and protocol, as well as the users to build solid and effective security policies. Bandwidth, security, and performance are all impacted by the applications that ride on your network.

Next Generation Firewalls, Next Generation IPS, and other application visibility and control solutions can help provide insight and give back control of your network security to your organization.


As applications move to the cloud and users become mobile, identity management and strong authentication become critical to any organization’s security posture. Strong authentication, with ease of use methods for end users, is perhaps the best way to prevent weak or shared passwords from resulting in a data breach.

Authentication has evolved from pin+password hard tokens to one-time passwords, soft tokens, and risk-based and contextually aware user authentication methods. These technology improvements have made strong authentication easier than ever for end users while increasing authentication security.

 The BYOD explosion requires dynamic access control through Network Access Control (NAC) solutions that can help automate security access policies applied against a combination of user, device, location and other factors.


Accudata’s consultants have proven expertise in network infrastructure, cloud computing, the performance requirements of the data center, and unified fabric and application delivery networks for high throughput. Security is integrated into our design to protect data wherever it resides, provide secure access, and ensure applications are highly available.


It is critical that you have the ability to monitor and detect potential threats and anomalies.  At a minimum, your intrusion prevention system (IPS) should be deployed to each perimeter location.  This is a critical overlay of the environment to ensure that malicious traffic does not impact the environment.

Learn about our SSL Visibility Workshops to combat the increasing number of malicious SSL encrypted attacks targeting your network.


Embrace the new mobile computing paradigm without sacrificing security. Enterprise data is rapidly moving to mobile endpoints like smartphones and tablets with advanced, PC-like computing performance and applications. The lack of a standard OS platform, adoption of employee-owned devices, and various business units launching mobile initiatives without the involvement of the IT department are just a few of the challenges you face.

 Accudata can identify gaps in mobile device policies, procedures, and system configurations that expose you to unnecessary risk due to the loss or theft of a mobile device. We can also address access methods used by mobile devices to connect to the corporate network. Most importantly, we can assist you with development of an overall strategy for secure mobility, including your BYOD strategies.


Identity management solutions increase security by managing the user entitlement process, allowing IT to enforce corporate standards for internal applications as well as third-party cloud application access. Providing single sign-on improves productivity for both end users and IT.

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