It’s a fact. The demands to keep pace with business growth, competition, and customer experience require modern infrastructure support to get the job done. From cloud and collaboration, to data center transformation, networking, and productivity – learn how Accudata can modernize your IT environment.


embark on a cloud journey that is structured, transparent, and successful

The cloud is complex. It’s a fact. Having a cloud partner, like Accudata, ensures your cloud journey is a success.


recover critical data in seconds, not days, when you transition from tape to cloud.

What if you could back up to the cloud, and have guaranteed access within seconds – with a near immediate ROI? Go cloud and never look back. It’s that simple.


transform your data center - agile, efficient, mobile

Gone are the days of complex, disparate infrastructure. The modern data center is simpler, interoperable. The modern data center is transforming the value IT brings to the business.


teamwork anytime, anywhere - redefine it, your way.

With collaboration advancements – voice and video conferencing and cutting-edge endpoint tools – distance is a far-off barrier. Now, you can completely transform team collaboration to better serve your customers and increase productivity.


your network foundation must be secure, reliable, and fast. It's that simple.

Throughout our entire 35-year history, Accudata has remained at the forefront of networking technologies and our team is the best. We can help you traverse the digital network as well as manage and maintain your legacy technologies.

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“Again and again, Accudata’s consultants demonstrate their loyalty and dedication to our organization. They’ll even go so far as to pick up my call on a Saturday, provide a thorough review and then continue to follow up. My job is easier with experts like those at Accudata.”


– Network Manager, Global Healthcare Institution