Next Generation Data Protection – It’s More Than Security [Video]

Are you confident in accessing your backups when an immediate needs arises?

Legacy tape backups typically don’t inspire much confidence.  They can be difficult to manage, complex, and expensive, and you’re at the mercy of transport companies.

What if you could KNOW your backups WILL work, and fast?

Accudata’s approach to next-generation data protection (NGDP) combines security posture with storage and backups. Accudata can put together a comprehensive NGDP solution that suits your data and offers:

  • Self service, instant search results: no more lag retrieving files
  • Cloud enabled: software and hardware scales as you grow
  • Simplified management: no more individual points of management that have individual constraints
  • Lower TCO: OpEx and CapEx cost savings over tape backups

Learn how to gain confidence in your backups by watching our short video.