Data Center Design and Relocation

Have you outgrown your current data center? Has accelerated business growth or a merger or acquisition rendered your data center out of date? Or, has a change in IT or company leadership shifted demands on IT that require new infrastructure?

Accudata’s Proven Process

Data center design and/or relocation projects are complex undertakings that require a measured approach to data center selection, contract negotiation, and design and deployment. Accudata partners with data center providers across the country, and we can work with any data center provider to ensure the right fit for your business. We have the experience and expertise needed to design and implement a data center environment that supports your company’s growth.

Bonded and insured, Accudata follows a proven process to help companies migrate data and resources from one data center to another. We have tenured consultants who can guide you through the complex process of relocation. And, we have experienced solutions architects who can redesign your data center with the newest, proven technologies.

Don’t let your data center design stifle business innovation. Be proactive. Accudata can help you develop a comprehensive data center design that meets the current and future needs of your business. We work with security and network components to understand your business landscape holistically. And, we incorporate security into every design.

Accudata’s true strength is our people: our certified team of IT professionals is ready to help guide your IT transformation. We have a 92% customer-retention rate because we provide organizations the tools they need to be competitive, secure, and innovative.