Why go HCI?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines a hypervisor with software-defined storage and software-defined networking. HCI is more easily scaled to meet changing infrastructure demands. And, as a software-defined IT infrastructure, HCI is easier to manage, more efficient, and more cost-effective than traditional, hardware-defined systems.

The Accudata Difference

The true benefit of HCI is that you don’t need a storage system: HCI uses resources on the servers to provide storage. Also, with HCI, you can consolidate support down to a single vendor, which reduces spend, simplifies vendor management, and streamlines support.

HCI is not a right fit for every organization. Accudata’s data center experts can help you determine if HCI makes sense in your data center design. We can assess your environment and identify the benefits of HCI versus a multi-tiered data center installation. We also help our customers understand the use of SSD Flash technology and where it may make sense in the environment.

Accudata partners with the leading HCI vendors, and our experts are certified in the latest data center technologies. We also have decades of experience designing and implementing data centers, which means we approach every engagement with a seasoned perspective. Our goal is to determine what works best for your business.