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“Center-in-a-Box” Solution to Accelerate Solis’s 2020 Growth Goals by 75%

Houston, TX, OCTOBER 2, 2019Accudata Systems, Inc., and Solis Mammography today announced their strategic partnership has led to the development of Center-in-a-Box, a scalable and cost-predictable technology solution that supports the rapid deployment of breast screening and diagnostic services across the United States. Bundling IT design, engineering, equipment installation, and go-live support into one full-service package, Center-in-a-Box will accelerate Solis’s current business objectives to grow 75% in size (approximately 30 to 60 new mammography centers) within the next 24 months.

“According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year. Breast cancer rates are increasing in nearly every region globally, making the screening and diagnostic services Solis provides ever more vital to early diagnosis and treatment,” said Solis Chief Information Officer Guhan Raghu. “The Center-in-a-Box IT solution developed with Accudata allows Solis to rapidly address mammography needs across the United States and further fulfill our promise to help women achieve and maintain breast health and peace of mind.”

Under great demand to provide more centers nationwide, Solis recognized the need for innovation and a cost-effective turnkey solution and turned to Accudata for assistance. In partnership with Solis, Accudata strategized a full-service solution that included every detail and cost required for the IT design, equipment, and deployment of one clinic. Thus, Center-in-a-Box was born.

Replication studies were quickly conducted by Accudata to determine the timeframe and budget parameters for the development of small, medium, and large clinics. Study results confirmed a faster rate of deployment was possible due to streamlined processes and predictable costs to build centers of various sizes. With Center-in-a-Box’s attractive cost-to-build and operational attributes, Solis knew the solution would be of high value to the healthcare industry and created a consistent, predictable, and repeatable go-to-market growth strategy.

“Healthcare IT is a life-changing industry that is growing and evolving with exponential speed, and predictability to support it is paramount,” said Accudata Director of Professional Services Brad Johnson. “We are proud to have partnered with Solis to create Center-in-a-Box for their mammography service needs and live up to a shared promise to provide the latest cutting-edge IT solutions for any Solis location nationwide within a timeframe and budget they can be confident in.”

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About Solis Mammography
The nation’s largest independent provider of breast screening and diagnostic services, Solis Mammography has been dedicated to helping women achieve and maintain breast health and peace of mind for more than 30 years and more than 5 million procedures. As a pioneer and innovator in 3D mammography and as an architect and early advocate for SmartCurve, Solis Mammography has stayed at the forefront of breast health by continuing to deliver a better experience and a more accurate mammogram to the generations of women we serve.

With more than 50 centers, Solis Mammography serves patients across North Texas; Houston, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Columbus, Ohio; Greensboro, North Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and, through our affiliated brand Washington Radiology, Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia. To learn more about Solis Mammography, visit