Public Cloud / Hybrid Cloud

Leverage the Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Environment

Enterprises that use several public clouds or a hybrid cloud setup often see challenges around integration. Your organization may require different services from different cloud providers while keeping the most sensitive data and applications on-premises. Your users demand access to applications and data across cloud environments from anywhere, on any device.

How do you manage and operate a multi-cloud environment that includes multiple providers and even on-premises components? Engage Accudata’s cloud experts.

Cloud Governance

  • Operate cloud environments more efficiently.
  • Develop governing policies and procedures.
  • Architect a secure cloud environment.

Compute – Azure/Amazon

  • Migrate data centers to the cloud to reduce administrative overhead and the need for data center maintenance or hardware refreshes.
  • Optimize your environment to run in a public cloud for greater ROI.
  • Architect high-performance computing (HPC) in a cloud environment.

Data Protection

  • Develop and implement a disaster recovery plan.
  • Protect data, and recover data from ransomware attacks.
  • Protect data from unauthorized users, ensuring company data stays within the company.
  • Implement solutions to provide data redundancy.

Platform as a Service

  • Modernize applications, and implement DevOps.
  • Reduce reliance on on-premises infrastructure.
  • Reduce operating costs, and improve performance.
  • Improve scalability.
  • Reduce administrative overhead.

Software as a Service

  • Modernize your workplace with Microsoft 365 services.
  • Reduce reliance on on-premises infrastructure for email, file storage, and other Microsoft services.


  • Reduce costs for archive storage by moving to less expensive disks or moving to the cloud.
  • Evaluate the use of temporary, high-performance storage in the cloud.
  • Use distributed data and content networks to provide high availability and improved performance.

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