Securing the cloud is no simple task. And, too often, it’s overlooked.

Accudata’s cloud security assessment is based on the Center for Internet Security’s (CIE) benchmark for securing Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS Audit Program goes beyond the normal IT security checks and includes a review of AWS-specific services. During this assessment, Accudata’s security and risk experts will perform a review of your AWS cloud architecture to determine if your cloud instance is secured.

Our multi-point assessment checklist covers the following common areas of concern:

  • Excessive availability of services
  • Exposure of internal resources
  • Protection of the AWS root account
  • Use of data encryption
  • Identify and access management (IAM) configuration and applied permissions (system and user)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3) permissions
  • VPC network access control lists and instance security groups
  • Event logging with CloudTrail
  • Use of CloudWatch monitoring and Simple Notification Service (SNS) alerting
  • Data backup and recovery processes
  • Methods of remote management and secured access

The Intel report, Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The State of Cloud Adoption and Security, surveyed 2,000 IT professionals and found that 49% are delaying cloud initiatives due to an inability to implement a secure architecture because of the cybersecurity talent gap. Don’t let that be you. Push forward, gain a competitive edge with a secure cloud strategy, and let Accudata’s security team help you get there.

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