IT’s Top 10 Wishlist for 2018

The IT industry continues to move forward with brand-new technologies and services – but businesses can take years to adopt new technologies into their current environment. We put together a top 10 list of the technologies our customers are actually investing in for 2018.

  1. How to secure public cloud environments / cloud services

The cloud is the definitive technology for 2018 thus far. Customers want to know how they can take advantage of something so flexible – but they want to ensure they secure it first.

  1. How to simplify IT

As IT becomes more and more complex, companies are looking for solutions that give their IT departments the ability to focus on the business, not on fighting fires. These solutions can be anything from managed services to software-defined networking – anything that gives IT departments the ability to move quickly.

  1. How to increase wireless network performance and security

Network performance is always one of the top asks from customers. As wireless technology continues to evolve, more and more companies are trying to take advantage.

  1. Network security and next-generation firewalls

Next-generation firewalls provide businesses with a variety of powerful security tools, from SSL decryption to intrusion prevention systems. With network security being so important to modern businesses, it’s no wonder this made the list.

  1. Business process automation

Businesses are always looking for the next competitive advantage, and automation is a clear step in that direction. With automation, you can increase efficiencies in dozens of different ways, like speeding up the onboarding and offboarding process, reducing the time involved with IT service management, and even adding efficiencies to your overall IT operational management.

  1. Network application performance monitoring

As applications become increasingly important, companies are looking for ways to ensure performance and minimize downtime. Many network monitoring solutions can do double duty as security solutions as well.

  1. Access management controls

Minimizing access to sensitive information is more important than ever. More and more businesses are taking full advantage of multifactor authentication controls and other access management solutions.

  1. Data segmentation and protection

Network security isn’t only about keeping bad actors out of your network; it also means knowing what to protect. New solutions that allow you to easily classify your data and restrict access accordingly are powerful tools to add to any IT department.

  1. Improved collaboration and integration

With remote workforces becoming common, collaboration technologies are quickly becoming the business norm. Hosting online meetings and sharing screens is a necessity in 2018.

  1. Stable and resilient data center network architecture

IT departments want to ensure their data center architecture is powerful, flexible, and reliable. A company’s data center shoulders the load of the entire business, and ensuring it provides continuous service is a must.

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