The Future Of Networking: What Makes Hyperconverged Architecture So Powerful

The Future of Networking: What Makes Hyperconverged Architecture So Powerful

Accudata’s data center experts agree: hyperconverged architecture is the next evolution in networking technology. Here are the top five reasons why your businesses should consider a hyperconverged solution.

1. Easy deployment. Because a hyperconverged solution is fully integrated, you can incorporate it into your current network in a matter of hours – not days or weeks. These solutions can even be centrally managed by your IT department, even if the hyperconverged solution is located in a remote office.

2. Linear scalability. Scaling a hyperconverged solution is simple. Simply add nodes. Imagine a hyperconverged solution is like a train. If you need more storage, you hook up additional railcars. If you need more compute, you add another engine. Either way, a hyperconverged solution scales how you want, when you want.

3. Ease of administration. Since hyperconverged solutions operate like one giant pool of resources, that’s all you have to manage. Instead of juggling firmware updates, configuration inconsistencies, and other time-consuming issues, get all the control you need from a single pane of glass.

4. Cloud consumption model. Hyperconverged solutions remove the need for forklift upgrades. Instead of buying in bulk for what you may need in the future, you can simply add more nodes, meaning your investment doesn’t need to be replaced. A pay-as-you-grow mentality means your company only invests when it’s necessary – and doesn’t pay for resources you don’t use.

5. Lifecycle management. Managing all the different components of a normal data center can get overwhelming. With different manufacturers, separate components, and rack limitations, ensuring your equipment stays up-to-date and gets refreshed on time is a chore. Hyperconverged solutions remove that chore. And, years from now, you can repurpose your hyperconverged equipment into a test/dev environment or send it out to remote sites.

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