How White Hat Hackers Can Help You Fight Back

How White Hat Hackers Can Help You Fight Back

As social engineering becomes significantly more prevalent, it’s crucial to improve how organizations detect and respond to issues before an attack penetrates data and systems.

One of Accudata’s penetration testing experts Josh Berry, Senior Technology Manager, was recently interviewed about the social engineering attack techniques he encounters and what he advises clients do to fight back.

Berry shared that his team of white hat hackers and IT consultants is typically engaged by an organization’s IT department to access systems and data or test ability to detect an issue and respond. While the reason for the assessment varies, many are driven by compliance needs to validate security controls for areas such as HIPAA or the credit card industry.

In some cases, Berry and his team are brought in after a breach to add additional layers of security and more controls. Accudata will then perform testing to validate what they installed.

Read the full article from NetworkWorld to learn more about what issues can occur (such as email phishing or ransomware) and how you can build a security strategy.

Accudata’s white hat hackers can set up tests and training to help prevent or detect future attacks. Contact us to learn more.